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2022 Fall Tackle Football General Information 

When, where, and how can I register? 

You can register anytime online between April 30, 2022 to June 15, 2022.

You will need a copy of  birth certificate and report card in addition to completing all required Pop Warner forms. 

Who can participate? 

Munster Pop Warner and the Northern Indiana region have age-based divisions (unlimited weight)  ranging from 6U to 12U, which includes players “league age” 5 to 12. For purpose of determining your  child’s “league age” it is simply their age as of 7/31/22. 

How much does it cost?  

The registration fee is $300 for the season. There is no longer an additional volunteer fee or a  fundraising fee, as in years past. We encourage everyone to please help the organization by donating  time and/or supporting the league wide fundraisers that we will have throughout the season. 

Are there any programs to reduce the registration fee? 

If you are a first time Pop Warner tackle football participant and attend a Munster school you may be  eligible for a discounted rate of $150. Please reach out to league officials for further details. 

The second option is a partial fee rebate program available for some volunteer positions within the  organization, more information will be available soon.


What does my registration fee include? 

The fee includes the necessary insurance, fees payable to Town of Munster, facility rental fees to the  School Town of Munster, operating fees payable to regional Pop Warner authority, referee expenses,  coach certifications/training, and equipment, etc. The table below details the individual equipment  provided for each player: 

Equipment Rented to Participant                                                   Equipment Participant Gets to Keep

Helmet                                                                                                     Season T-Shirt

Shoulder Pads                                                                                        Socks

Practice Pants                                                                                         Mouthguard

Practice Jersey

Game Pants

Game Jersey*

Game Cold Weather Undershirt

*Game Jersey available to be purchased at end of season.

What other equipment will I need to provide to participate? 

Munster Pop Warner has gone to great lengths to ensure your participation is as simple and cost  effective as possible. The only other required item you will need to provide is a pair of football cleats for  your participant. An athletic supporter and protective compression underlayers are optional and would  be your responsibility. EVERYTHING else has been provided by Munster Pop Warner. 

When does the season start and how long does it last? 

The season starts August 1, 2022 and practice will be held every day Monday through Friday through  August 12, 2022. After the first two weeks, practice will be Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday typically for  2 hours until the end of the season. The first game of the 8 game regular season will be August 28, 2022 and conclude October 16, 2022. Week 1 of playoffs will be 10/23/22 and continue onwards until  elimination. Depending on your division and success, your season could last until early December. 

Is youth football safe? 

More so than any other youth sports organization, Munster Pop Warner volunteers are subject to strict  requirements. After a thorough background check, volunteers are required to complete hours of  football training and CPR certification. USA Football certifications give our volunteers the necessary tools  to teach modern, proper, and safe techniques while carefully monitoring player health. Further, we  strive to provide the safest available equipment to further provide protection for our young student  athletes. We work hard to ensure a proper fit so that the equipment performs as expected. Game film  from all age groups is available to review, please contact league officials for more information.  

Can my child play other sports while playing tackle football? 

The short answer to the question is no. Unlike other sports such as baseball, basketball, or soccer failure  to regularly attend practice and commit to the team will leave the experience hollow for both the  participant trying to do both and the team they are letting down. Fall is football season and full focus is  required.  

Where does Munster Pop Warner practice and play games? 

Beginning with the 2022 season, practice will be held at Cobblestones Park. This park has ample space  and striped partial fields will be made available to each team for a high-quality practice experience.  Home games will be played at Munster High School. Away games will be played throughout the  Northern Indiana region often competing against local communities such as Highland or Griffith but also  traveling as far as Chesterton, Valparaiso, or South Bend. 

If practice starts August 1st, why does registration close June 15th and what happens in between? 

Once registration closes, there is a tremendous amount of work to be done in preparing appropriate  team rosters, ensuring the required amount of equipment is available and paperwork filed with the  league. After this process, in the middle of July, equipment fittings and distribution will take place. In  late July, the week leading up to the beginning of practice, league wide parent meetings will take place.  Breakout sessions for each coach to introduce themselves to their respective teams.  

Further questions? 

Please contact President, Chuck Mamich at or Football Business Manager, Kristen Mamich at

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